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Woahbar: Free Alternative to Hello Bar

Woahbar: Free Alternative to Hello Bar

I really liked the concept of Hello Bar but did not want to pay for the service for my personal blog which runs on WordPress. So when I was looking around for alternatives I realized they have also released HelloBar Solo, which is a one-time paid download that I could include on my site. Another candidate I found that also looked interesting was the WOAHBar.

I wanted to check Hello Bar Solo first but when reading this post regarding installation on WordPress, I saw a lot of people were having problems with the installation. Since I did not want to shell out $29 and then find out I run into similar issues as well, I decided to give WOAHBar a try.

After a few tweaks — some of which was accompanied with some cussing — I was finally able to get it to work so wanted to share the few pointers:

  1. WordPress loads jQuery in noConflict mode, which meant that I needed to edit the woahbar.js to use jQuery as opposed to $.
  2. WOAHBar uses some functions from jQuery-UI — primarily from the Effects library. Since WordPress does not load these by default, I have downloaded a customized version of jQuery UI Effects and included it with the woahbar.js file.
  3. I have added the script and css loading to my themes’ function.php file.

Here is the link to the final code on GitHub in case you would like to implement this in your WordPress blog.


This article also shows a nice way to add Google Analytics tracking to the links on the WOAHBar.