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Git hosting too expensive?

Git hosting too expensive?

If you are coding, you most likely are using some sort of versioning tool. And for most coders these days, Git became the standard tool. There are many options out there for Git hosting but I just love GitHub!

If you are like me — i.e. start on a bunch of projects, put them on hold, but would like to keep them for future reference, it can get expensive quickly. Once you are over 20 repos, you are looking at $50 per month.

So recently when I came across a nice backup service called Backhub I decided to give it try. While you can backup a repo by cloning it on your local drive (and delete it from GitHub to save on your plan), Backhub goes a step further and offers the ability to “archive and restore public and private GitHub repos including issues, milestones, wiki and more”. I especially liked the recurring backups and being able to restore to GitHub immediately.

While I am primarily using it to reduce GitHub bills (you can get a 10 repo backup plan for $3/month), the restore functionality is great and very simple to use:

You basically select a repo that you earlier backed up, select the owner and name your repo and you are all set. This convenience combined with the fact that I do not have to worry about backing up my local copies is definitely worth the $3/month price tag.

So if you would like to reduce your Git hosting expenses definitely give Backhub a try.